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Таланкина Анастасия

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Hello! Our dear quests! My name is Talankina Anastasia. I suggest you excursion on my native town Nizhniy Tagil.

Our town is very famous and proud of tanks and wagons, there are two main plants in our town, NTMP and UWP. Famous T-34 and T-72 are made in UWP.

There were a lot of famous people in our town, for example, the Cherepanovs, who invented the first steam locomotive in Russia.

There are many monuments in N. Tagil to those people, who died in the Great Patriotic War. My favorite place is Area of Glory.

There are a lot of places in our town where you can relax, for example, Bondin’s park. Every summer my friends and relatives go to there to have rest.

There isn`t more beautiful place in our town for me than embankment in summer. It is tremendous.

Also you can visit Dramatic theatre, Pupper’s theater, centers of entertainments “Kinomax” and “Russia”, shopping centers « Megamart», «Right».

And we invite quests of our town to visit modern sport centers« Forum», «Vivat». If you like hockey, you can see hockey matches in Ice Palace of sport every weekend.

There are many hotels, restaurants, night clubs in our town.

You can see a lot of mountains, around the city.

I think Tagil is one of the most beautiful towns in our region!

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