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Nizhny Tagil is a city in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, situated 25 kilometers east of the virtual border between Europe and Asia. Population of the city is about 400.000 people. It takes second place for population in the Sverdlovsk region.

The history of Nizhny Tagil begins with the opening of the Vysokogorsky iron ore quarry in 1696. The city itself was legally founded in October, 1722 among settlements connected to the construction of the Vyysky copper smelting plant, owned by Nikolay Demidov. The first Russian steam locomotive was constructed there in 1833 by the father-and-son Cherepanovs. Town status was granted to Nizhny Tagil in 1919.

The city is divided into three city districts: Leninsky, encompassing the city center and Nizhnetagilsky Pond; Tagilstroyevsky, a comparatively small section at the north part of town; and Dzerzhinsky, a sizable section to the east of the city center principally consisting of apartment buildings and other residences.

Nizhny Tagil is a large industrial center of the Middle Urals. Such highly power-intensive industries as ferrous metallurgy, engineering, chemistry, and metal working are well-developed in the city.

Nizhny Tagil is known for its decorative trays. Demidovs' initiatives in the area of culture had a favorable influence on the development of Tagil community into the Urals' most important cultural center.

Nizhny Tagil has a wide network of libraries. Tagil museums include the old regional history museum, the museum of Fine Arts, and a number of new museums opened in the 1990s: the museum of tray painting art, the museum of lifestyle and handicrafts representing the starting point of a new ethnographic complex.

Nizhny Tagil theatrical life is represented by three professional theaters: the National D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak Academic Drama Theater, a puppet theater.

The city association football team is FC Uralets Nizhny Tagil, which plays in the Russian Second Division, The city ice hockey team is Sputnik Nizhny Tagil, which played in the Russian Major League. The Uralochka Volleyball club has been champion of Russia on 14 occasions.

Nizhny Tagil is one of centers of exhibition activity in the Middle Urals. Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metals Testing was the host of the international exhibitions such as Ural Expo Arms / Russian Expo Arms, Russian Defense Expo.